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I am at work. I am bored. We are VERY slow today, as in it's just after noon and we have our second car of the day. I can't wait to take some time off from work. Oh, yeah I'm taking time off from work. 4 weeks, possibly 6 depending on how I recover. Recover from what you say, well I get to have surgery. Last monday I spent all day at Ingham Regional with intense stomach pain (which of course includes vomiting, but I'll spare the details). They loaded me up on good drugs, took my blood, did an ultrasound (which they wanted to check my pelvic region too because they somehow got the bright idea that I'm pregnant) and the let me sleep all day. After the blood work came back and the results from the ultrasound they discovered I needed to have my gallbladder removed. Funny part is, that's what I told them when I went in but you know how doctor's are. They just have to check things out for themselves.
So anyway, I go to the doctor's this next wednesday and we'll schedule a time for me to get the stupid thing removed. Until then I am on a strict diet of bland foods. So for breakfast I get toast, lunch I get crackers and for dinner I get mashed potatoes, or mac n' cheese if I prefer. HAHA. Nah, there is more that I can eat that just that, but not much. I need spices damnit, something with flavor. Someday I'll be able to eat again, until then ... Saltines are my best friend.


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