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Yah! I'm home!

I had to stay over night in the hospital because there was an unexpected turn during surgery. My gallbladder was 3 times the size it was supposed to be and it was basically infected, so they kept me to watch over me and give me anti-biotics. I've been up walking around and I am feeling pretty good. They put me on darvaset for pain and some amoxicillian for the anti-biotic. I am now at my parents house recovering for a few days. I have a drainage tube in my side still because of the over-sized gallbladder. That'll come out thursday when I go see the doctor.

So about my car ....I got it into the body shop friday morning (well my dad did) and by early afternoon they had a look at it and it's going to cost $3800 to fix it. The hood, the bumper, the right front fender, both headlights, fog lights, a/c condenser and a/c line, plus an alignment and the frame was bent and some bar thing under the hood. It's a good thing I have full coverage on my car ... I could kill that girl who did this though. I am so pissed.

Time for more drugs


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Aug. 21st, 2006 01:24 am (UTC)
*hugs* I'm glad you're medically ok, at least, and that they caught it before it got any worse! I'm catching up on everything having been in WV all weekend, so I'll read your email through fully tomorrow; just glad to know the basics :)
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